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The first plant in the world for the industrial production of second-generation bioethanol was started up in Crescentino, province of Vercelli, at the end of 2012. At full capacity, the plant will produce 40,000 tons per year.

The plant EPC was carried out by Biochemtex, affiliate of the Mg Group and is based entirely on the PROESA™ technology, also developed by Biochemtex.

Project history:

  • Permits obtained: April 2011
  • Ground breaking: April 2011
  • Beginning of works: end of June 2011
  • Completion of mechanical work, energy section: end August 2012
  • Start up of boiler: October 2012
  • Completion of mechanical work, ethanol section: December 2012
  • Start up – ethanol section: January 2013
Crescentino in figures
  • production: 40,000 tons of bioethanol/year; bioethanol is distributed in Europe, blended with petrol
  • biomass used: 270,000 t/y (at maximum potential)
  • 13MW electricity production, entirely produced using lignin, the plant is totally self-sufficient with regards to its energy consumption
  • water recycling: 100%, the plant does not produce wastewater from industrial production
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